Our Achievements

Achievements and Examples – Local Level

The culture of discrimination between men and women has persisted in our society for centuries. Depriving girls of equal opportunity is an expression of this culture. To remove this tendency from society and establish a girl-friendly environment is a long-term process. There are many forces – positive and negative – that shape public attitudes towards girls.

To date, NGCAF has involved more than one million people in its awareness-building activities. Already, we (and outside observers) have seen significant changes in public attitudes, and we believe our efforts have contributed to this change. Mass media, such as television talk shows, are now calling for protection of the girl child. Various documentary films on the deprivation of girls are appearing. A social movement has built up against early marriage. Members of the NGCAF have directly halted thousands of early marriages and promoted dowry-free marriages.

Achievements and Examples – National Level

In 2008, the Bangladesh Government formed a five-member committee to amend the National Child Policy. A member of the National Girl Child Advocacy Forum worked with the committee, and helped enact a reformed child policy in 2011 that increases protection of the rights of the girl child.