Organizational Structure

NGCAF has a two-tiered structure:

  • The General Council consists of all general members. To get a membership from the General Council of the forum the member (individual or organization) should have the work experience for the protection of girl child’s rights. Only they can apply for the membership of general council. Only each of the members of general council can give their vote according to the policy of the forum in election.
  • The Executive Council is elected for two-year terms by direct vote of general members. The executive council implements decisions taken by the General Council.

Donors represent a third form of participation. All three ways to participate are equal partners in the success of NGCAF.

Chapter Committees operate independently with the help and advice of the executive committee. Chapter Committee are formed at district, upazila and union levels. As of April 2013 there are chapters in 49 districts, 70 upazilas and 90 unions.