Our Activities

NGCAF takes the following actions in every district of Bangladesh:

  • Advocacy: NGCAF advocates year-round for favorable laws, policies and policy reforms for both women and girls, through round table discussions, meetings, seminars, human chains (public mass demonstrations) and workshops.
  • Training: NGCAF provides life-skills training for girls, equipping them to resolve challenges they confront with skill and confidence.
  • Workshops: Rights of the Girl Child and Our Responsibilities is a daylong workshop for personnel working at national and local levels, government personnel and guardians. Participants deepen their understanding that the girl child is an asset, not a burden, and recognize that this positive concept is taking root in every sphere of society.
  • Awareness Building: NGCAF builds mass awareness through celebration of international days (Women’s Day, AIDS Day, Girl Child Day), leafleting and organizing essay, debate and art competitions. It arranges courtyard meetings, rallies, street dramas, songs, and assemblies of guardians at the grassroots level.
  • Legal Support: NGCAF helps girls who are victims of violence or abuse to get treatment and legal support.
  • Communication and Coordination: NGCAF establishes effective communication and coordination among organizations taking action for girls’ rights.